Art enthusiast, self-appointed foodie, content creator, communicator. NYC.

My food journey

Cooking dinner brings me peace, an inner calm. It’s the one hour in the day where I can unplug from staring at a screen and get creative in a different way, with the ingredients in my kitchen!

I started food blogging almost ten years ago—way back in high school as a project to de-stigmatize vegan baked goods. I have lived with life-threatening food allergies for 25 years, which changed my approach to eating. As a child, I almost exclusively consumed home-cooked meals, a decision my family and I embraced after too many allergic reactions at restaurants. My severe milk allergy pushed me toward a plant-based lifestyle in my early teens; I could not eat red meat, and the cross-contamination that came with deli meat was too big a risk.

My family and I discovered a local vegan eatery in the mid-2000s and learned that vegan restaurants almost guaranteed that dairy ingredients were not on their premises, ensuring a safer eating experience. The more I learned about plant-based eating, the more resolute I became in removing all animal products from my diet. I became a vegetarian in 2007 and transitioned to fully vegan in 2009. I consider myself “plant-based” as my meals are all plant-focused, but I occasionally consume honey in my tea. The meals I make as of late almost always include a non-veg component to appease my boyfriend. While I eat plant-based, he is most definitely a carnivore.

I have lived in NYC for seven years and began my career in the arts and communication fields. The COVID stay-at-home orders put in place earlier this year gave me time to rethink my priorities and come back to something I have always loved: crafting delicious recipes and writing about them. This blog is my new passion project, where I compile some of my favorite recipes to share with you, right here on inside my kitchen.